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Writing an essay is an important part of a student’s academic career. Everyone knows there exist many types of essays: argumentative, persuasive, compare and contrast, cause and effect, definition, critical and narrative, description, process essays, etc. Although essays are different in terms of content and paper direction, all essays are organized in a similar way.

An essay starts with an introduction. This can be a paragraph or several paragraphs depending on paper size. You should know that there are two ways of writing essays: in formal and informal format. However, the style of writing and essays content may be different – everything depends on your creativity and imagination. Introduction is the very beginning of your paper. Therefore, it should be well-written to capture the reader’s attention. If your introduction is thrilling, be sure your grade will be higher. For example, essays on “organizational behavior” may include concept description and explanation of basic terms in your introduction.

“Organizational Behavior is the study and use of knowledge about how people in general, and individuals and groups in particular, act in organizations. It does this by using a system approach in this case. It explains relationships between people and organizations in terms of the person, the entire group, all the organization, and all the social system. Its objective is to establish better relationships by achieving human purposes, organizational purposes, and social purposes. Organizational behavior includes many topics, such as human behavior, change, leadership, teams, etc. which will be examined in this essay.”

Body part is the next significant part of essays that usually includes at least several paragraphs. Strong idea should be supported with detailed descriptions, explanations, analysis. Besides, main ideas all essays are based on should be supported with good and interesting examples. Paper should contain at least three main parts. For instance, organizational behavior essay may include such body parts, as Historical Background of Organizational Behavior, Elements of Organizational Behavior, Models of Organizational Behavior, Social Systems and Individualization, Organization Development, and Quality of Work Life.

The last part of all essays is conclusion that briefly summarizes major ideas covered in essays and possible results obtained after the essays completion. For example, essays on Organizational Behavior may contain the following concluding paragraphs.

“The Organizational Behavior is an interdisciplinary field that helps to become a leader of change. People learn how to perform leadership roles for meeting the difficulties that experience today’s organizations. Globalization, cultural variety, technology progress, competition, communication and information are the factors that influence the efficiency of organizations. Although a stress on critical thinking and self-supporting judgment, you can become an active explorer of organizational change. By using and studying theoretical fundamentals in the workplace, you can become an active participator in your own learning. The Organizational Behavior is a study that helps you to develop awareness and understanding of self, others, society and the world; to analyze how cognitive, behavioral, and emotional results contribute to maintain organizations; to demonstrate competence in skills pertinent to professionals; to use simultaneously organizational behavior theory to practice in the organization, and society; to work effectively with varied individuals and groups applying broad, interdisciplinary liberal arts foundation.”

It is interesting to note that the form of essays can be flexible to make it unique and different from other students’ essays. Remember that brilliant ideas are to be well-supported. Paper structure, grammar and punctuation should be double-checked as good idea that is poorly written in the setting of errors is only half of the work.

Summarizing, essays are based on a well-defined structure. Our experienced staff is knowledgeable in writing essays on almost all topics. They are ready to compose customized papers to help you in your academic career that is essential for future life.


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