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Essay on patriotism


Writing essay on patriotism requires the knowledge of the society, people, political system of a particular state, as well as personal beliefs and political views. Patriotism essay should contain information on the state you live in and on your own point of view on what are main constituents of patriotism. For example, you may begin your paper on patriotism with the following paragraph.

A true patriot is a person who loves his country and is ready to serve and protect it. Canada is a democratic state that is open to people of all races and beliefs, gender, skin color and social position. This democratic state defends the democratic values and liberties. It is ready to protect its citizens from attacks of any kind. The government promotes democracy, liberty and equality for everyone that leads to feelings of independence and confidence in the future in the hearts of its people.

Patriotism essay should cover information on notion of patriotism that denotes morale and political principle, social feeling the essence of which is love to native country and readiness to serve the interests of the state. Essays on patriotism usually include information on the pride of people for their country, its achievements and culture. A patriot wants to preserve its uniqueness and cultural heritage identifying himself with other members of the nation being ready to place country’s interests higher than his own ones. Besides, a patriot strives for protecting interests of his country and his people.

Paper about patriotism also contain information on love and devotion of people to the native land, language and traditions. For centuries there existed isolated states where patriotism became an essential part of social consciousness that reflected national moments in its development in conditions of nations’ formation. John Kennedy said: “Do not ask what your country can do for you – ask yourself what you can do for your native country”.

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