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Writing a report requires special writing skills and knowledge of format. Report writing includes several aspects that are presented in this writing guide. This page will give you a full list of report writing requirements. A transmittal or cover letter usually accompanies business, research or psychological report. This letter provides the recipient with the context of your report. Transmittal letters should be brief. They contain address, name of recipient, date and your request. A transmittal letter should be written according to the requirements of business correspondence and letter etiquette and it should not be longer than two pages. Successful report writing contains several main parts:

1) Cover Sheet. This should include full title of the report and your name.

2) Title Page. Contains report title, name and organization for whom the report has been created, author’s name and date of fulfillment.

3) Acknowledgments page. Always include it into your research or business report saying thank you to people who helped you with work. Besides, your business report writing will be successful if you refer to every person thanking him for some concrete assistance.

4) Summary Abstract. Usually includes the topic chosen for your paper and the scope of project. It should be completed when the report is written so that you discuss its main parts and make conclusions. Summary Abstract must be of interest to other researchers containing contemporary information.

5) Table of Contents. This page contains paper structure with numbers for every heading and subheading for the reader’s convenience. At first, a draft is created in order to organize material and ideas, though it may be changed during the report writing.

6) The List of Tables, Figures and Illustrations. You need to number all figures and tables presented in a business report and list them in order they are given. If you use more than seven tables and/or figures, you should list them on a separate page giving the page numbers they can be found in the work. Place figures, illustrations and tables in the following order: list of figures, list of tables, list of illustrations.

7) Executive Summary or Summary of the Report. This is an overview of the entire document. It should show the reader what this report is about. It includes the purpose, reviewed literature, methodology you chose, brief list of your findings and recommendations.

8) The Body. The Body of your report writing is the main part of the paper that contains all important materials and data necessary for the research of the issue. The body includes literature review, methodology, results or findings, analysis and discussion sections. Literature review helps you to place the research into a background context and show its significance as well as critically analyze scholarly articles and books, which relate to your topic. Methodology contains methods and principles, which you used in your research. Besides, in this section you must explain why you have chosen these methods for report writing and discuss ethical issues of the topic. Results and findings section contains the presentation of facts and the results of your research. It usually includes figures and tables. Analysis and discussion section shows the way you use your findings and how you compare them with findings of other researchers.

9) Conclusion. This is the final part of work. You should summarize your findings and draw conclusions, which are supported by evidence.

10) Recommendations. Make it with some suggestions concerning further research of the topic.

11) Appendix. Report may contain an appendix or several ones, which may present a copy of a questionnaire, maps, calculations, plans, etc.

12) Bibliography. List all the sources, which have direct reference in the paper. The sources should be referenced in the text using Harvard citation style.

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