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The travel essay is a quite common assignment type. That is why the ability to vividly and correctly describe the travel can be useful for all students. In this paper you will need to display own impressions of the trip, the interesting culture details of a country you traveled to, the memorable places you have visited and analyze the type of travel you have selected for this work.

If the main purpose of your traveling essay is to point out specific places, then it is necessary to devote most of the work to this aspect. However, the majority of successful essays on travel always contain description of such important elements, as geographic location, climate of the country, some history details, and the capital overview. In this assignment professors want to see your own point of view. Therefore, you should choose the topic that is really interesting for you.

You need to take into account that each person imagines traveling individually. It depends on age, education, personal experience, and other factors. That is why, to make your essay about traveling interesting for everyone who reads it, you should follow the major steps to take while writing this paper:

- Describe the type of travel and country you have visited. Tell why this country is interesting for you.

- Write about specific features of the country, its unique places. State the monuments you visited and impressions you got.

- Tell the reader about the infrastructure you have seen. Describe important buildings or bridges you visited. Mention the service level in hotels, restaurants and entertainment areas you faced.

- Based on what you have written, draw a conclusion about the travel. What experience have you received? Have your expectations been fulfilled? Would you like to come back or not? Why? Do not be afraid to express your viewpoint on details of the voyage. The description of aspects you did not like will make your traveling essay more unique and memorable.

Summarizing, the actual writing should be started from a solid argument and introduction. The body of your paper will include the details specified above. The conclusion must show your impressions of the trip. Focus on the general aspects with particular details will make your essay on travel interesting to read.


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